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Critical Process Died.

8' x 2' x 4' feet.
Paraffin Wax, Steel Wire.

This piece is an experimental installation that aims to physically represent the elite social class as the faceless fragile but yet tall entity that controls everything from the sky with their multiple long arms. 


The paraffin wax is used for its brittleness to symbolize the fragility of the system to rely only on a hand full of men to dictate the American Empire.


“Fear and debt. The two most powerful tools of empire.”

-John Perkins, The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman


Indeed as the United States is creating its empire on the back of oil-rich country in the form of infrastructure project conducted by the states which place the country in a humongous debt, and therefore a slave to the United-States.


This system is so fragile since it relies solely on the mystical Idea of everlasting growth, with limited resources. The paraffin brings a strong case, of its impact on the earth and global warming, since it has a low melting point, therefore, a simple rise in a couple of degrees can be the end of it. 

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